Our Business

New Tile and Hardwood Flooring is an exciting investment and upgrade to your business or home projects. Removing the old flooring should not be frightening to achieve that goal.

Our process of Containing..Collecting..Filtering..and Monitoring follows the EPA standards for handeling the toxins released from flooring removal.

We take the next step to strive for the best possible outcome to make your decision to replace the old flooring a sound one! A decision that keeps you and your family worry free from this invasive process.

Who We Are

We have a combined 75 years of Flooring experience and have seen the need to develop this DUSTLESS system. We have seen the effect of how much this dust can impact a home or business with the traditional methods. We have spent the last five years perfecting this process and are excited to offer this healthy alternative to the tired unhealthy methods used today. We believe that this will be the standard in the near future and look forward to being a leader in this new technology! Clean Air is focusing on not only the DUSTLESS removal but CONTAINING, COLLECTING and FILTERING the material so it will not impact your home or family for years to come.

Clean Air is the best choice in flooring removal and by far the only choice with your health in mind.

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