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Q: Are you really DUSTLESS?

A: We pride ourselves in our technique’s and methods we have in place to Contain,
Filter, Monitor and Collect the Dust created in your flooring removal. We COLLECT at point of origin which gives us direct control over the dust that is released into the air. We also FILTER the air and remove up to 3000sft per minute through our patent pending filtration system. We MONITOR the air quality in your home with our digital meters. In nearly all cases the air quality in your home is better after we complete our removal! We CONTAIN the dust collected with our high powered vacuum system and remove it from you home. We believe we are 99.9% DUSTLESS.

Q: Do we need to be DUSTLESS?

A: An emphatic YES!! The way homes are built today to be air tight to keep efficiency in energy use makes your home a prison for air born dust. Imagine introducing this dust in floor removal. We run tests with our digital monitors before we start the removal and find the air quality to be poor in 95% of the homes! So even if the home is not occupied DUSTLESS is the only true option in removal. Without DUSTLESS you are living with the dust for years to come.

Q: How long will it take?

A: Unfortunately there is not an exact science to removal as there are several ways floors are installed. Adhesives and thin set are different and also the installation could have been installed improperly. But our methods of removal are faster and more efficient than the methods used by other contractors. Our equipment will remove and have your substrate ready to receive the new floors without the excessive prep used to cover up a chip damaged substrate or to cover the thin set that in most cases wont be removed to limit the dust in traditional removal methods. Our floors are ready for new floors immediately after our removal!

Q: Can I leave my HVAC on?

A: Absolutely!! Our methods keep the dust contained, filtered and collected way before it has a chance to enter the HVAC system in your home.


Q: Do we need to plastic off everything?

A: No..our removal system allows for little or no plastic, we typically drape plastic over counter tops or furniture to contain chips from tile removal because of the nature of tile when its being removed

Q: Should we get a hotel or leave during removal?

A: No...our removal system allows for a controlled environment in your home throughout the entire process.. we have actually had customers eating in the room adjacent to the removal if that can demonstrate just how DUSTLESS we are!!

Q: Can I afford it?

A: We believe you can’t afford not to — the toxins released in removal are dangerous and if not collected properly will be in your home for years to come. The price is competitive to traditional methods and nearly everyone opts for it once they are given the option.

Q: Is the dust really dangerous?

A: Yes! Silica dust and Formaldehyde are found in tile and hardwood when removal occurs. These toxins cause irreversible damage to respiratory systems. Particularly dangerous to elderly and young children and anyone with a history of asthma, allergies or lung problems. These dust particles are comparable to asbestos and lead which are known carcinogens.




Toxic hadzards you

may have never known ~

exist under your floor



Silica and Formaldehyde

Yes, Silica dust and Formaldehyde have already been put in the same category of carcinogens and toxins we are already familiar with like lead, asbestos and mold. These toxins are found when hardwood floors and tile floors are removed. Traditional methods expose your home to mass amounts of not only dust you can see but small dangerous particles that can remain in your home forever.

OSHA reports that silica dust is made up of a variety of particle sizes. These particles that reach the deepest part of the lungs are referred to as “respirable crystalline silica” which causes silicosis (scarring of the lung tissue) lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This damage is irreversible, with no treatment available to cure or remove silica in those stages. OSHA has adopted the phrase “If it’s silica, it’s not just dust!”

Wood flooring removal poses equal dangers when cut or disrupted in removal. You will find warning labels on all wood flooring products purchased in the United States reporting dangers from sawdust when cutting the wood products. Formaldehyde is a toxin which can cause asthmatic symptoms including shortness of breath and long term lung damage. Formaldehyde is particularly dangerous to the elderly and young children or anyone with a history of asthma, allergies and lung or respiratory problems.

Our DUSTLESS floor removal process contains, collects, monitors and filters these particles to keep your home and family safe from the destructive nature of flooring removal.

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